Information Technology simple for once?

We make it possible. Experience us as your consulting- & development partner for tailor-made private banking & portal solutions. We make your vision happen.

Banking Crafts

Ingenious tools for your front & back office employees

Our team deepens its understanding for the challenges of core & supporting processes in private banking in a broad variety of projects in the financial sector and answers these challanges with innovative technical solutions convincing all stakeholders - business as IT, development as operations equally.

Our solutions help aquire clients and net new money with investment proposal that are backed with research information, support tax specialists with reclaiming taxes from double taxation treaties, help ensuring asset allocations and constraints in portfolios and calculating payments of retrocessions for external asset managers. Our groupware and portals support marketing for internet publication and internal teams for collaboration and communication.

Efficient Applications

As specialists for efficient tailor-made applications we succeed in surpassing even standard software packages in cost efficency, time-to-market and scope. Even though we maintain a flair for clever technology usage, we are also well versed in language of our business clients and enjoy a great deal of acceptance as down-to-earth personas enabling straightforward project setups.

Web Technologies

Responsive Design

Efficient Solutions

Application Tools





Portal Crafts

Professional appearance for any audience

Our well founded knowledge of Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server enables us to design internet, intranet & extranet portals of any size. Our experiance spans small business & workgroup solutions to websites of stock exchange listed enterprises.

Skillfully we extend standard solution of Microsoft to meet the requirements of both these extremes.

In these setups we fulfill graphical requirements of design agencies, implement tailor-made usability concepts and simplify the installation & operation with our own tools. The result: An efficient intranet & internet appearance - professional and cost effective in development & operation.

Simple Solutions

Simplicity and efficency describe our motivated team as well as its works & crafts. Consulting, right to the point. Solutions, that rock.